Mechanical Minds, Inc. is a US family based company that specializes in creating useful, fast, non-bloated, simple to use software.

Mechanical Minds, Inc. was first conceptualized in 1996 but didn't come online in 1998. We began selling software in 2001. We were fully incorporated in the state of Georgia in late 2003 and are celebrating our 5th anniversary of being in business this year!!!

Mechanical Minds, Inc. is a Microsoft Registered Partner. Microsoft Registered Partners are organizations with expertise in Microsoft technologies who are interested in aligning themselves with Microsoft. Microsoft Registered Partners have easy access to the resources you need to help your business succeed, stay current with the latest Microsoft technology, serve customers more effectively, and grow in market impact.

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Mechanical Minds team members:
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Lucas Pitts - President, Application Development

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Arundhati Pitts - Application Support