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PLA 3.0 RC4 Released

I have just finished uploading PLA RC4.

Here are some links of interest

This version has all known reported bugs taken care of and will expire on July 31, 2008. It also includes an almost complete help file. There should be no major differences (of the application) between RC4 and the final version.

PLA 3.0 will most likely be licensed per server scanned. The final cost has yet to be determined.

Post any questions you may have.

Site update: PLA History

One more update...

I just finished adding a screenshot history archive of PLA.

Have fun.

Site update: Screenshots

I just finished updating the screenshots sections for the following applications:

Take a look!!!

PLA 3.0 RC3 Released

PLA 3.0 RC3 is finally available for download.

This beta expires at the end of May but hopefully 3.0 final will be out before then.

The following list is the only outstanding issues that I know:

  • Report Options don't accurately represent the options you have enabled.
  • Restore the link on the Most Requested Domains report. Thanks Tony
  • Update the help file.
  • Package the final product in an installable file.
  • Minor component upgrades.

Article referencing ELA

I came across this article from IT Knowledge Exchange discussing Exchange's Message Tracking feature.

At the bottom there is a link to ELA.

Update on PLA 3.0.

The latest PLA 3.0 beta has expired. We will release a new beta either tonight or sometime over the next few days.

Also, now that we are bringing our new site online we will be able to concentrate our efforts on getting PLA 3.0 final released.

We appreciate everyone's patience and support!!

Website updates

The new Mechanical Minds website is online. It features the long anticipated unified website for all of our products. Keeping track of all our software should be a lot easier now. If you haven't had the time to view our other software now is a good time!

The old site is still online and direct links will continue to work for the time being, but it will start to be phased out in the near future.

There is also a new support section that will contain a FAQ for any issues you may have.

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