New IP Address site is up

We are finished working on a new IP information site called IPConfigAll.

I have been wanting to set this up for some time now and have finally done it!!!

There will be a permanent link under services to the new website.

Proxy Log Analyzer 4.0 Public Beta Released

Attached to this post is the first public beta version for Proxy Log Analyzer 4.0.

Changes include:

  • Unicode aware
  • Update to several internal components
  • Compiled and optimized with latest version of Delphi
  • Readability improvements with reports
  • Full compliance with Windows 7/Vista
  • Settings now stored in Windows registry
  • Temp data is stored in user's profile instead of %PROGRAMFILES%
  • Various other internal changes

Exchange Log Analyzer 2.01 released


  • Moved file version information reading code to Jedi library.
  • Minor updates to report layout and help file.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed registry read bug on initial scan.
  • Corrected welcome wizard not centering properly on multi-monitor setup.

Current version available at the ELA download page

Exchange Log Analyzer 2.0 Final Released

After a long beta period Exchange Log Analyzer 2.0 Final Version is available for download!

The 30 day trial is now available for download.

The purchase page reflects the new ELA price and has new purchase options.

This version of ELA runs better than ever but keep in mind there are some changes that were mentioned in a previous blog post.

As always we appreciate everyone's help and support of ELA.

Exchange Log Analyzer 2.0 Update

Hello all.

Believe it or not we have been hard at work with ELA 2.0 and will be releasing the final version in the very near future.

ELA2 will bring some changes with it however.

  • The application will be available for purchase in 2 different pricing models. Subscription based and non subscription based. We like to keep things simple and have had wonderful feedback from our PLA customers with this.

I have the "Brief Reports" option enabled but it doesn't affect my reports.

Try removing the "/" from your list of file extensions. This should fix the issue.

Versions prior to PLA 3.x looked at the last end of the request string for the brief report match. PLA 3.x looks at the entire URL. All URL's have a "/" in them so every request is matched.

Exchange Log Analyzer 2.0 Public Beta

Attached to this post is the executable for Exchange Log Analyzer 2.0. It is a beta version so if you are uncomfortable with beta software please don't use it. It expires on May 31, 2009. All feedback (even bad) is encouraged and welcome.

Status Update

Fontastic 3.0
Fontastic 3.0
Exchange Log Analyzer 2.0
Exchange Log Analyzer 2.0

Just a note to let all know what has been going on as of late.

We updated the CMS code for the website last week. We also updated the theme (again).

ELA 2.0 should go into public beta soon. We are very excited to get it released.

Fontastic 3.0 (yes it really does exist) should also be going in to public beta as well. So dust off your old fonts and get ready to give it a go!

Lastly, we have finally found out why LockIt is so cool. See the support section for more info.

ELA 2.0 Feature Requests

Now that the development cycle for Proxy/ISA Log Analyzer is finally rounding out... The rumblings of Exchange Log Analyzer 2.0 have begun.

Here is what we have planned:

  • Adding a recipient usage scan.
  • Adding pie charts.
  • Ability to toggle charts from bar to pie.
  • Updating the report to a easier to use format (Much like PLA3).
  • Minor GUI interface changes to improve usability.
  • Possible internal changes to increase performance. (Technical info below )
  • ** Your suggestions **

What version of Exchange do you use?

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