Proxy / ISA Log Analyzer 3.0 Final Version Released

After a long beta period Proxy/ISA Log Analyzer 3.0 Final Version is available for download!

If you have purchased PLA in the past 6 months then you are entitled for a free upgrade. This differs from my previous post of 3 months so please take note.

Currently only the 30 day trial is available for download however I will be finishing up the full version for purchase/upgrade in the next day or so.

I will be updating the purchase page to reflect 3.0 purchase options in the next day or so as well.

I appreciate everyone's help and support of PLA.

If you have any problems please post them in the forum and let me know.

Proxy Log Analyzer 4.0

Was going to purchase but now see ISA Proxy Log Analyzer 4.0 beta is out so guessing it'd make more sense to wait till 4.0 final is out. When will that be?