ELA 2.0 Feature Requests

Now that the development cycle for Proxy/ISA Log Analyzer is finally rounding out... The rumblings of Exchange Log Analyzer 2.0 have begun.

Here is what we have planned:

  • Adding a recipient usage scan.
  • Adding pie charts.
  • Ability to toggle charts from bar to pie.
  • Updating the report to a easier to use format (Much like PLA3).
  • Minor GUI interface changes to improve usability.
  • Possible internal changes to increase performance. (Technical info below )
  • ** Your suggestions **
  • If you have any suggestions for ELA 2.0 please post them on the thread. If there is something you would like to see changed (something addded or removed) please let us know. If there is something preventing you from using ELA please let us know.

    Technical Notes:
    We are testing a new high performance memory manager that speeds up overall application usage. We also working on a homegrown textfile parsing unit for Delphi (our development environment). This will result in speed increases for reading the raw log data.

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ELA 2.0 Feature...

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some thoughts for feature requests

I just downloaded your demo and although I do like it, there are some additional features that would make this software more useful.

1) Add a choice for only external senders
2) Add the most common IP address as an extra column in the Top Users list
(I had a authenticated user sending a bunch of spam and I was trying to determine the IP where it was coming from)


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