Exchange Log Analyzer 2.0 Update

Hello all.

Believe it or not we have been hard at work with ELA 2.0 and will be releasing the final version in the very near future.

ELA2 will bring some changes with it however.

  • The application will be available for purchase in 2 different pricing models. Subscription based and non subscription based. We like to keep things simple and have had wonderful feedback from our PLA customers with this.
  • Times are tough for all so we will be lowering the price of ELA and introducing tiered deep discount purchase levels as well. Think of it as our stimulus package!
  • ELA2 will be fully Vista and Windows 7 compliant. Yes you could Right click and "Run as admin" but that's not how we want to roll. At least not going forward. This compliance has resulted in a change in how ELA2 stores it's config data and temp files. ELA2 will save all config information under the appropriate HKCU\Software registry key. Temp files will be stored in the local user's temp directory. No more storing data in Program Files.