PLA 2.x doesn't work on a new PC install/reload.

Activation Wizard with Device ID highlighted.
Activation Wizard with Device ID highlighted.

PLA 2.x is licensed per workstation and our database still has your old workstation's information associated with your registration record.

Simply send us the email you used to purchase the software along with your new device ID and we will update your registration record accordingly. You can find your device ID on the second page of the activation wizard. Attached is a screenshot.

Note: We will invalidate your old device ID when updating the record with the new information.

Website updates

The new Mechanical Minds website is online. It features the long anticipated unified website for all of our products. Keeping track of all our software should be a lot easier now. If you haven't had the time to view our other software now is a good time!

The old site is still online and direct links will continue to work for the time being, but it will start to be phased out in the near future.

There is also a new support section that will contain a FAQ for any issues you may have.

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