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Proxy/ISA Log Analyzer is a high performance log analyzer that allows you to analyze and quickly generate useful reports on Internet connection usage based on data from logs created by Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 or Microsoft ISA Server log files.

With Proxy/ISA Log Analyzer you can do things such as:

  • Count the number of times each unique domain in the proxy log was requested from your proxy server and who requested it.
  • Full proxy log searches based on a set of keywords and exclude words that you create.
  • Track all traffic for a specific IP Address or Username on your network in each proxy log.
  • Count the total amount of bandwidth used by each user.
  • See the download count, bandwidth and user usage activity per file type.
  • Calculate the amount of time your proxy spent servicing user's requests.

All of the above actions generate a simple, easy-to-read reports in the following formats:

  • Customizable HTML based report that can be viewed in a standard web browser.
  • CSV (Comma Separated Values) report that can be easily integrated with a third party tool.

Proxy/ISA Log Analyzer was designed to be a small utility for use with Microsoft Proxy and ISA Server. Use it to quickly investigate the how your Internet connection is being used.